About Developers Choice

Developers Choice was founded in 1995 by a group of web developers with the goal of providing affordable high-performance web hosting and services.

In February 2004, DomainHost acquired the DevelopersChoice shared-hosting business and advanced the Web site’s mission by delivering outstanding customer support and reliability-along with new services and great management tools.

DomainHost offers a user-friendly platform that makes creating and taking care of a Web site easy for people who are new to the Web, as well as those with more advanced skills. Take a few minutes to learn more about why we are truly the developers choice.

Fast, Reliable Service
DomainHost offers a stable, redundant hosting environment built on state-of-the-art technologies. Your site will be accessed by visitors via fast (OC3), triply redundant Internet connections. Web and e-mail files are served through a farm of load-balanced Linux machines that utilize Apache Web server software, so your site will load quickly and not be impacted by the performance of any one machine. We also utilize NetApp storage clusters, such as those used by Yahoo, Texas Instruments and Merrill Lynch, which store each file in at least two locations to ensure reliability.

How Are We Different?

Solutions for beginning and advanced users—It doesn't matter if you are an HTML novice or you create dynamic e-commerce sites, DomainHost provides every level of user the tools to create a stunning Web site.

Trusted by Web developers—We offer advanced features for experienced Web developers, including the ability to use Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Web developers trust DomainHost with their business by hosting multiple sites for their clients on DomainHost.

Here to stay—Founded in 1996, we're one of the oldest hosting communities on the Web. Our infrastructure has hosted millions of sites over the years and we keep adding new tools for you to have the very best web presence. All of our services are integrated and managed by the same dedicated customer support team.

Launch Your Web Site Today!
DomainHost's hosting services make launching a Web site easier than ever. In just a few easy steps, you can register for complete hosting and site development services. With several innovative packages to choose from, you'll find every tool you'll need. So what are you waiting for? Get started today.

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